Bungee - Proxy Bungee Report [1.8 - 1.9] [Network] 1.3

An efficient way of letting your player's report others to the staff team!

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    Inkzzzmc submitted a new resource:

    BungeeReport - BungeeReport is the best network report plugin out there!

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  2. Maybe add a configurable message like
    Code (Text):
    message to staff: {Player} has reported {reportedplayer} for {reason} on {server}
    That would just be 4 placeholders, but it could make configurable messages
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  3. Looks nice! I'll be sure to try it out.
  4. Please, Please, Please, Please! Add this feature :D
  5. Where is the permissions for the staff to receive report messages? I didnt download it, just wondering
  6. report.staff
  7. Thanks u, i thought it was the permission to use /report
  8. Code (Text):
    message to staff: {Player} has reported {reportedplayer} for {reason} on {server}
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  9. Do you have any intentions of updating the plugin? You haven't relied to any comments in the discussion
  10. Inkzzz

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    I'm mid finals week.
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    Inkzzzmc updated BungeeReport with a new update entry:

    Major Update

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  13. Seems nice, But BungeeMSG is the best report system and bungee utilities :p
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    There opinions :p
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  15. There opinions* or There just opinions* or They are just opinions*

    My opinions aren't a person or plural.
    :cool: "Rekt"

    Now leave my opinions to the truth.
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  16. Thinks for this plugin
  17. The plugin doesn't even load on my Bungeecord after the latest update. It doesn't create a config file / folder.
    I'm using the latest version of Bungeecord.

    This is the error: http://pastebin.com/GdvfZ8yt
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  18. Inkzzz

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    The new version is Java 8 and your machine doesn't support it.
  19. Mine doesn't work either, I've installed Java 8, redownloaded the plugin yet it still doesn't work.
  20. Inkzzz

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    An error would be helpful...