Bungee - Spigot Bungee-Reports Addon 1.0

An addon for the bungee plugin Bungee-Reports

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    Bungee-Reports Addon - An addon for the bungee plugin Bungee-Reports

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  2. This plug isn't working. I allowed MySql connection, loaded it in BungeeCord, but it does not create folder. What i have to do...
  3. Hello, I forgot to say the message here.

    I have changed the code of the main plugin (for Bungeecord) and not the one of this plugin.

    I'm working on an update in order to correct this error.

    Sorry for this :/
  4. ok, so main plugin is good, i'm using it right now and no problems. But i really need to check reportslist, so im waiting for your update
  5. Thanks for the report :)
    The update will be released this week ;)
  6. Hello !

    I am working on an update which will allow ou to use the addon to see all reports.
    This update take a long time to be developped because of the compatibility between the 1.12.2 and the 1.13.2.

    I profit of this update to ask you about potential features you want :)
    Tag me with an idea and I will see if I want to add it ;)
  7. I've been waiting 10 months
    Will there be update?
  8. I'm sorry for the wait :/ I didn't have the time to update the plugin. I'll try to do this this month.
  9. Oh okay thanks :/