Bungee Spamming and Not Allowing Me to Return to Hub

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  1. Hello. I have the latest bungee cord build (Build #610) and a few server connected. For some reason every server spams "[SEVERE] Reached end of stream for /" hundreds of times in the console. And also, I don't know if it is me, but I am an OP player on all servers, and I am an admin in the bungeecord config and once I use the /server command, go through a bungeeportal, or a teleport sign, just that ONCE, it works. Then afterwards it says "You cant connect to a server you are already on!" and I have to disconnect to return to the hub. I can connect to other individual servers but the hub; no. It seems to happen to JUST me, no one else. I don't host it on my IP either. So, I don't know if it is me, or what.
    Error Spam: http://bit.ly/180kSd4
    Connect Error: http://bit.ly/1eiTbOc

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    Please provide us your config.yml (BungeeCord)

    Spigot servers up to date?
  3. Config.yml: http://bit.ly/16iIt7H
    I use both bukkit and Spigot and the spam and error appear on both bukkit and Spigot consoles. My friend told me he updated them.
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    you set the BungeeCord IP to because of posting this in the forums?
    i think so but you never know...;)

    Otherwise try to replace it with your server root ip.
  5. Actually I didnt, but it is on like that and works like that. My friend config'ed most of bungee, and I pasted what was there. So, can you actually help me with the issue mate?