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  1. So. I need a lot, but if you can help with anything, that would be great.

    I need:
    1. User's groups to sync across my network (Helpers, Mods, Admin) so if I make them, for example, mod on one server, it goes onto the other ones...
    2. Essentials /nick nicknames to sync across the network as well, and for that to work with DeluxeChat.
    3. A titles plugin that works with DeluxeChat and works with BungeeCord and syncs.
    4. When I do /gtoggle in chat (BungeeCord DeluxeChat), I want there to be a specific format that doesn't have the island level if they're on skyblock, or faction name if they're on factions. I just want it to have:
    [Rank] Username: Message


    Sorry for not making multiple threads about this, I just don't want to be spammy, and all of the support I need has to do with bungeecord, so I figured 1 thread would be fine.

  2. If you are using PEX for groups then I'm pretty sure you can hook it up via MySQL database to sync ranks.
  3. I'm stupid, and I don't know how to do that... I looked at guides but they are all really confusing for an idiot like me.

    Is there some sort of video tutorial or something I can follow along with?
  4. Every video I searched is outdated. To clarify, for pex, I JUST want the groups the player is in to sync. That's it. I don't want the permissions to be the same.
  5. Try LuckPerms. It is the plugin with everything. :)
  6. Both of the known caveats are something I need for my server...

    I think I'm going to stick with pex.
  7. The author wrote an external plugin to fill caveat 1 and the second caveat is easy to fix with Vault. Done!
  8. What do you mean?
  9. Oh my god! Sorry for such a late reply, I didn't notice a reply...

    I don't want my permissions to sync. I want a user to be in the same group on factions as on skyblock as on hub as on minigames as on potpvp. I want it all to sync. Not the permissions.
  10. Then use PeX with MySQL or LuckPerms with some SQL database schema
  11. Every single tutorial I've watched or looked at, phpmyadmin doesnt have the button they press. Anyone link me a new tutorial?