Bungee - Proxy BungeeAlerter 1.1

Small plugin that extends the useful-ness of the built in /alert function in its own command /balert

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    BungeeAlert - Small plugin that extends the useful-ness of the built in /alert function.

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  2. If the message of the alert is longer than the title can hold it looks ugly doesnt it? Any way to fix this? Perhaps make an animation where it types out the message with phrases at a time.
  3. I'll look into this, thanks for the suggestion. :)
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  4. Would it not be better to give this plugin a different command? It's hardly a replacement of /alert and realistically has a completely different purpose, this plugin would be a great complement to /alert but under a different command like /titlealert or /title?

    Just think about it. Why try to overtake the functionality of a command that broadcasts text in the chat box with a plugin that takes up the users screen with a title?

    Hope this helps.
  5. Make the name "BungeeAlert" ?
  6. 'BungeeAlerter'
  7. I'll probably change the command to ./balert
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  8. Can you add customisable messages?
  9. I'll add it in the next version :D
  10. @TivyHosting Please help, I uploaded this to my Proxy, and added the permission but it still says I don't have permission, please help :/