Bungee - Proxy BungeeAliases 1.1.6

Lightweight BungeeCord plugin that add's commands like /hub, /lobby, /skyblock, ...

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    BungeeAliases - Lightweight BungeeCord plugin that add's commands like /hub, /lobby, /skyblock, ...

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  2. Nice job, and very useful. I'd recommend a command to reload the configuration as a to-do item, though.
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  3. Can you add Combat Log support ?
  4. A cooldown option would be pretty nice. Besides that: Great plugin.
  5. hello, I don't understand how your plugin works,

    In config.yml I don't understand how add a bungeealiases

    for exemple I need to put an alliases to put a rank (I have permissionsEX) on every server relied to bungeecord

  6. z__


    I'm using CommandControl by BloodSplat (since February)
    would consider switching over if you offered aliases beyond just server switching
  7. broken in 1.9.
  8. Does this work with Authme?
  9. Broken how?

    It should, I don't really use Authme and I didn't test it but if Authme is setting BungeeCord permissions (iirc there's AuthMe-Bridge doing this) then it should work just fine.
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    Per alias permissions, config file update, ...

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  11. What is the setting "forward"?
  12. I noticed if i use any auth plugin (like bungeeauth, or authme with bungee support) players are able to use these commands without be loged....
  13. Deny permissions (on BungeeCord) for players that are not logged in?
  14. You need to use BungeeCord permissions with SlashServer too. BungeeCord plugins can only see and use BungeeCord permissions if you want to link that with Spigot permissions you Bungee-Spigot bridge or similar solution.
  15. if you use bungeeauth and slashserver you can't use any command when unloged, instead with bungeealiases you can use any commands also when you unloged, i think you should lower the proprity and allow bungeeauth and others plugins block it