Bungee - Proxy BungeeAliases 1.1.6

Lightweight BungeeCord plugin that add's commands like /hub, /lobby, /skyblock, ...

  1. Ok, could you provide config you're using?
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  2. @L4BORG instead of us disabling alreadyConnectedMessage when using forward: true commands, could you add a cancellation of that message when using forwarded commands when connected to that server?
  3. Do you plan a 1.13 release?
  4. Latest build is compatible with 1.13.
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  5. Possible to get Aliases for BungeeCommands? Like i have a Plugin which uses /tickets showall and i just want to use tickets
  6. Ok, so the details are a bit confusing. If I wanted to do


    and it joins that server (by effectively doing /server servername)

    How would that appear in my config?

    What it LOOKS like I do is this:

    Code (Text):
            "/server mk":
                forward: false
            "/server creative":
                forward: false
    I guess the false tag confuses me.

    As of now, those do not work as I have them.
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  7. Code (Text):
                forward: false
                forward: false

    serverName should be server name from Bungee's config, forward is just there if you also want to forward command to spigot instance.
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  8. Would it be possible to add a no move warm-up time, like i type /hub and then it says 'please hold still teleporting in X seconds' or would that need a spigot side plugin?
  9. That would have to be done on spigot instance.
  10. z__


    A lot of Bungee plugins work just fine in future versions of Minecraft without needing an update because Bungeecord is a proxy server for the actual Minecraft servers... Bungeecord plugins interact with the proxy server so a plugin that is compatible with an older version (especially if recent) will often still work in the current version... you are more likely to have issues with a Bukkit/Spigot plugin when versions change, but even then it depends on the APIs used etc... More often than not with a Bungeecord plugin the Author just hasn't bothered to log in and/or test it with the new version... As always with any new plugin, make back ups of your server files to be safe... I'm using the CommandControl plugin which does more than this one but hasn't been updated in over 5 years but still works amazingly =] I have used this plugin on a couple test servers and it preforms beautifully as well... Hope that helps someone looking at this...
  11. The plugin is compatible with 1.13 and is designed to be compatible with future Minecraft versions - unless there will be MAJOR changes to BungeeCord code.
  12. andrewkm

    Patron ⭐⭐⭐

    @L4BORG if you're using a server alias command, and you're already connected to it, it shoots spigot.yml's messages.unknown-command message. Anyway around this?


    PS: Do you have a github for this project?
  13. Just FYI - this plugin doesn't currently respect bungeecord's "restricted" setting. If a permission is not set in BungeeAliases, users can join restricted server's without perms.
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  14. What does "forward" in the configuration file mean?
  15. If true, command will be forwarded to specific server, if not it will only be executed on Bungee.

    For example, if you set /f as alias to connect to factions server but do not set forwarding on, then you won't be able to use /f on factions server.
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  16. Thanks for your explanation