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  1. Tell me how to change CAPTCHA in BungeeCord?
  2. What captcha... as far as I'm concerned, there is no captcha in bungeecord...
  3. In Russia we have custom bungeecord build with captcha :D
    2017-05-12_23.40.31.png 2017-05-12_23.40.33.png 2017-05-12_23.40.47.png 2017-05-12_23.40.52.png 2017-05-12_23.40.57.png 2017-05-12_23.40.45.png 2017-05-12_23.40.35.png
    this captcha dont use any servers(like spigot, cb or mcprotcollib). it use only packets.
  4. Well, but that's in Russia... we don't know the code or the website to the entire plugin, so it would be harder to get help on a forum with the majority of Americans and Europeans (England, Spain, etc.) people...