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BungeeChatSystem with chat channels across Servers

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    BungeeChatSystem - BungeeChatSystem with chat channels across Servers

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  2. If you join a channel, you speak automatecly in thet channel or do you have to do a command?
  3. If you are in a channel you have to use the /c [Message] command to send a message to all channel-members. It is also explained if you hover over the "Channel" after you run the command /bungeechannels.
    Should I make another system, that you write automatically in the channel, when you are in one, or that you can change between "channel mode" and "normal mode" with the /c command. So that when you are in "channel mode" all messages are sent into the channel ?
  4. No automatic message! I asked becouse i dont see any commands in the help page. What if you are in multiple channels, will it display in all channels or can i add /c (name) (message)?
  5. Sorry for the late answer, I haven't planned that you can be in multiple channels, at the moment you can only be in one channel. Maybe I will add the multiple channel funktion in the future, but it takes some time, which I can't spend at the moment. Also I haven't a good plan how to realize it. Do you have a concept how you would like to have this plugin (with which commands, strukture or more) ? Then please write to my e.mail : [email protected]
    Thanks for your support LimitedGames
    Sincerely Fanta104
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  6. I like this plugins best! Can i share it to the China Biggest MCBBS? www.mcbbs.net
  7. I allow you to share on the mcbbs.net site for free, if you post a link to my original and my name. If you want to sell my plugin please write to my Mail : [email protected]
    Please send me a feedback, how the players find it.
    Sincerely Fanta104
  8. Hey, I`m going to bring out a new update in the next weeks , which includes MySQL or config support, so that you can choose between them. With that feature the channels won't be deleted, if you restart the Bungeecord-Proxy. Also you(if you have access to the server) can see how many channels there are and which players are inside and optionally remove them. I am thinking about a spy mode for the channels and the /msg-command or a log-file.