Bungee - Proxy BungeeControl [BungeeCord only] 2.4.0

Custom player messages & bungee features for ChatControl Pro.

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  2. so do i config one chatcontrolpro and this will do what? i dont get it. D:
  3. A new release of ChatControl Pro with preliminary BungeeCords support will be released shortly.
  4. i will be w8ing
  5. A new ChatControl Pro version has been released! BungeeCords support included :)
  6. how will this work and what behaviour will it have with Multiple Bungees?
  7. A list of features is available at the Overview on ChatControl's page.
  8. @Jimi
    Now you can rate ChatControl Pro 5 stars!
  9. Nice
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  10. @kangarko Can you add a new feature that allows admins to see the chat from all servers?
    That would be pretty neat feature!

    As a server owner, I have to constantly switch servers to see chat and see if someone needs help. server staff has to do the same.
    It would be very handy to be able to see all chats and messages from the entire server. So I can just stay at the lobby and read the chats coming on.

  11. Hey, I am planning to introduce chat channel by Christmas, so it will be fully configurable then.
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  12. That would be absolutely fantastic!
    There are tons of bungee-proxy chat plugins but they mess up my chat format that I have setup, and will take ages to understand a new chat plugin and set it up, channels, plugins etc.. so many headaches!

    Looking forward for a new update for this plugin. Just plug and play! All we need is to let the staff see the chat from all servers when they have a simple permission. and be able to see /msgs from other servers too.

    Thanks! all the best
  13. I have an idea! This might very strange idea but its very unique!

    If someone could develop an app for iOS and Android to let us (server owners) connect it to our server and it pull the chat from the server to our phone with push notifications would be absolutely phenomenal and amazing!

    So whenever someone mention my name or ask for staff etc.. the app will send me push notifications wherever I am and I can quickly respond to them.
    I know this is far beyond expectations but I don't think anyone has done it before.

    I use the chat widget on my site and they have an app for it on iOS. so a lot of people come on the site and chat and request for help and I can very quickly respond to them without even opening up my laptop.

    But there hasn't been any plugin/app that let the staff and server owners to engage with players over an app on their phone.
    That way, the staff doesn't have to sit on their computer to help people. but can simply do their stuff and respond when only its necessary.

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  14. Hey, if I would have more knowledge of programming for iOS/android, then I could give it a try. But unfortunately, it's up to someone else; which I would be surely glad for :)
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  15. Correct. but if you don't do it, someone else will. maybe not today but eventually will become true. but don't worry about it. ;D

    There are lots if ideas and things in my mind, designs, strategies, plans etc... but I simply do not enough resources to make them. we all have these kind of ideas right?

    And one day a few years later we will see someone has made it and it has become the reality. but there isn't much I could do. I can just sit here and make a minecraft server. thats all. :)
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  16. Suggestion:

    So for normal chatcontrol-pro you have:
    # then console <command|command2|command3> (A commands to execute as the console. Use %player to get player name. Divide multiple commands by |)

    I am suggesting you add:
    # then bungeeconsole <command|command2|command3> (A commands to execute as the console on BungeeCord. Use %player to get player name. Divide multiple commands by |)

    Reason: My server (And a lot of others) use bungeecord punishment plugins like BungeeAdminTools. I would love it if chatcontrol could warn/tempmute for us, so it is logged on admintools, and mutes are a lot more effective than denying the message. This would help us greatly.

    Another alternative is for you to make the filter bungeecord-side.. That should be possible. That would help for the bungeecord plugins (Like my msg plugin) too.

    Thank you for reading!
  17. You could use BanManagement plugin. it supports cross server and you can ban, mute, temp ban, tempmtute, warn, kick players from any server that you are on. or just global ban the player.

    Chat Control is a chat plugin. not server management plugin.
  18. Thanks for the suggestion. That does seem like a good plugin, but we have been very happy with BAT, also I doubt I can (easily) import the thousands of records from BAT to that. BAT also simplifies our setup (You may ague that it doesn't, but I will admit we have a slightly different server setup than some people have).

    My request should not be a hard thing for the dev to add, all he needs to do is send a string from the spigot servers to the bungeecord proxy, then execute the string as a command.
  19. As I know, BungeeSuite pretty much does that.
  20. Thanks for the suggestion! (Created a sticky note on the desktop that will be processed soon:))
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