bungeecoord 1.6.4 i canot get it to work

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  1. Hello.
    Iam renting 3 servers 1 for bungeecord 2 for the main worlds
    i can only start my server bij logging in to the host end type start in the console, i dont have a Run.bat file i have a built in start command,I can login to FTD for plugins worlds exe,Now when i using 1.6.2 bungeecord and i type start it starts up no problems en i can connect to the servers ingame using /server that works all fine.

    Now i updated to 1.6.4 bungeecord and i canot get my server running i get a error.
    i have 1 file in my server jar folder i put the bungeecord.jar in there and the server starts and i get this error


    1.6.2 bungeecord works fine
    1.6.4 error

    I hope someone can help me fix this error.Or give me the info what iam doning wrong.
  2. md_5

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    Multicraft is running with 'nojline' as an option. Edit your multicraft config to remove this.
  3. Oke is there any way u can explane to me what is have to do to get rid of that i have no idee how i must edit this

    Do u help using teamviewer?
  4. md_5

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    Just update Bungee.
  5. U are the best it works Tanks for the Update U can close this tread

    No errors Works great