BungeeCord - 1.10.x (?)

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    does anyone have idea how to connect new versions like 1.10-pre1 to BungeeCord based network ? :)

    long time ago i saw idea like VanillaCord witch will resolve that problem


    i need solution that will allow me to connect to my network nevest versions of MC even Vanilla + BungeeCord support :)

    any ideas are welcome :)
  2. You need to get a custom build with the supported protocol version... and many new features will not be supported! It's like playing on a 1.8 server with 1.9 minecraft
  3. I'm not sure if there is a protocol hack released for 1.10 clients yet, I mean it's fairly new.
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    why so many changes in protocol every version :(

    meybe - "universal driver bus" - that will work with past and furure version - even with limited features ? :) if anyone can write this i can test it on my network. now i'm on 1.7 - 1.9
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