Bungeecord 1.6 gives error when attempting to connect to a server on a different machine

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  1. Hello,
    I have updated to bungeecord #561 and spigot #981.
    I started creating a new server when my server was in 1.5.2, and everything was working.
    After the upgrade to 1.6, every time I try to connect to the new server it gives this error -
    Code (Text):
    Could not connect to default server, please try again later: io.netty.channel.ConnectTimeoutException
    None of the configs were changed after upgrade. Is there some parameter which is different in 1.6?
    Bungeecord config - http://pastebin.com/vytNt20y
    Server.properties - http://pastebin.com/gPQz6uKw
    Spigot.yml - http://pastebin.com/ZVJpniKR
    Bukkit.yml - http://pastebin.com/fMrgK0UU

    I checked, netstat shows that spigot on the remote machine is listening on the right port.
    Also, I checked with nc -z <IP> <PORT>; echo $?
    The right port (in this case 25572) is open.
    Still, Bungeecord does not sees the server. What else can be wrong?

    Any help will be appreciated! Thank you in advance
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