BungeeCord - 1.7-1.11 - Can't join with Forge

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  1. Hello,

    I run a minecraft network that uses the HexagonMC proxy. Every server runs on 1.8, but we use ViaVersion to allow 1.9-1.11 and ProtocolSupport to allow 1.7. For some reason, joining with any Forge client while running a version greater than 1.7.10, we get this error:

    First things first, yes Ip Forwarding is set to true. Bungee is in online mode. All our servers are running in offline mode and all of them have Bungeecord set to true in the spigot.yml.

    Is there any way to allow 1.8-1.11 forge clients to join the server? I've looked online and it seems like this is a big issue.

    Thanks for reading
    - Carbonx_09
  2. Seems like you only set the Ip Forwarding in server but didn't enable in Bungee Config?
  3. I'm assuming the server works with normal clients though (otherwise the question would be asked in a different way), so I doubt that's the case. He also mentions that "yes Ip Forwarding is set to true" - being the bungee server and "all of them have Bungeecord set to true in the spigot.yml" for the spigot servers.

    note to the op: i'm afraid I don't have any solution myself
  4. Like I said in the post, IP forwarding is all setup.