BungeeCord 1.7.9 UUID Issue

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  1. I have been developing a custom plugin for a server and we have ran into an issue with UUID's. When the server was running 1.7.2 and updated to 1.7.6+ the ip_forward value was set to false and the bungeecord value was set to false. In the 1.7.6+ conversion the UUID's seemed to be incorrect because once my custom plugin updated the UUID's don't match with to correct players and I am pretty sure this is because the server is on offline mode and the bungeecord wasn't passing the correct UUID's through.

    If anyone knows how I can convert the incorrect UUID's to correct ones or any way to fix this issue that would be greatly appreciated.

    The server owner is currently running
    BungeeCord version 909
    Spigot version 1475
    BungeeCord is on online mode
    The spigot server is on offline mode
    The ip_forward field was not messed with as well as the bungeecord field in fear that it would create more issues as I am not completely sure how they work.
  2. Do you have backups? You should've set ip forward to true, as well as bungeecord to true if you wanted the online uuids.
  3. He didn't know about the ip_forward and bungeecord at the time he updated but he did make a backup of the server before he update but it has been so long they are useless.
  4. I'm not sure, maybe a developer will make something to convert the player data's between online/offline modes.. hopefully.
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    Forwarded to the creator of that tool...:)