Bungeecord #631 Minecraft Serverlist ping problem

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  1. Well, I have a little problem with bungeecord.


    Add 1 forced Host Server into your minecraft serverlist
    Add another (different) forced Host Server into your minecraft serverlist

    Refresh the serverlist

    Server 1 will show as online
    Server2 will show "Communication error" But its up!

    Refresh again and maybe it will change..

    Server1 shows Communication error
    Server2 will show as online

    Well, I dont know why this happens. With #604 it worked fine
  2. Some more testings: Builds #606 to #609 are also bugging. Logins take long time and sometimes times out. Build 605 works with no problem. You can instant join the server.

    We can say: Changes from #606 and #610 causes 2 Problems. :(
  3. md_5

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    Intended behaviour to prevent spamming of server lists.
    Disable connection-throttle by setting it to -1 in your bungee config.
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  4. Thanks, that works.

    Seems to be a really useless feature, if it creates "bugs" like this.
  5. md_5

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    Vanilla and spigot do the same thing if you put the same server in many times.