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  1. Hello,

    I'm new here, first post and a question:

    I have a small server where I'm hosting MC servers for my kids. My kids each has it's own independent server where they play with their friends.
    The setup has two spigot servers behind bungee.
    I'm using forced_hosts with two different urls to send players to one of each servers. There is no lobby and the two servers are completely separated from each other.

    The problem is, when one server has players online the player count will increase for both servers (remember, two different urls). I understand that this is happening because bungee is handling the connections.

    The reason for this setup is to avoid using different ports.

    Is there any way to fix this?

    Thank you
  2. This could be done with some custom code, I am not that experienced in developing plugins for bungeecord but I know this can be done. Put a request in somewhere and I am sure someone will whip you up a quick plugin.
  3. Thank you for your answer, and this is my request for help, this is the BungeeCord help forum right?
  4. If your willing to buy Domain you could buy one for a few dollars and then link it to your servers. So you could have Joe.myDomain.net.
  5. The problem is not a domain name but the fact that I have only one IP address. Now that I think about it maybe I should get one more address and solve it that way.

    Brainstorming works :)
  6. You can set it to a specific port as well with the same IP
  7. That's what I was trying to avoid, using non default port. Please see my original post.
  8. Whats wrong with using the non-default port? You can use a service like http://mcplay.pw/ to map a ip with port to a subdomain.
  9. From what I understand what you want is the following?

    So you have 2 servers under a bungeecord, with two domains or sub doamins pointing to that bungeecord and you have setup forced hosts so if you have lets say server1.somedoamin.com it sends you to server 1 and it you use server2.somedomain.com then it sends you to server 2 but what you want is if a player has server1.somedomain.com on their server list then they get the player count of players on server 1 and not the two servers combined. If you understood that and that is the case then it can easily be done, I know some of the code but can't quite figure how to get the two separate player counts. So annoying o_O
  10. I can make a plugin that would be able to handle all of that in a few minutes but I'm currently not at home. I could make one once I get home if you want @al_n
  11. @Spooky18 : my kids are quit young, their friends will get all confused using port numbers, I was trying to avoid that.
    @Thrusmyster : you got the picture right.
    @slimey101 : If you can make such a plugin this will be great!!
  12. They wont be using port numbers, This thing I found uses SRV records to map it to the default port, So it would be like mykidsserverwhichstillhasaport.mcplay.pw and that would be on the default port.
  13. But then I can't use my domain names :( @Spooky18
  14. Try out setting ping passthrough to true
  15. @Janmm14 , The way I understand it ping passthrough is only used to see if a server is alive and will always use the default server. I don't think it has anything to do with player count.
  16. This is great @Spooky18 I didn't know that. So I don't even need bungee for my needs. Thanks!! :)
  17. Good luck. :)
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