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  1. I recently a plugin pop up which spoofs players and hooks into every plugin [Tablist, glist, list]
    These are the features it claimes to have:
    • Completely undetectable by your players
    • Works with BungeeCord
    • Works with all placeholders such as %bungee_online% and %online_players%
    • Works with every plugin
    • Works with every command
    • You can use /sudo [spoofedplayername] to have the spoofed players execute commands such as creating a faction and messaging players in order to make it look more legit
    • Spoofed players will not physically spawn in the world so there won't be a ton of players at your spawn point like most other servers that spoof
    • Easy to setup and use
    • Can rename the plugin to anything you like so you don't get exposed if someone does /pl in-game
    • Add any player you want to the config. This can be used to spoof YouTubers being online which can drastically increase donations
    • Comes with an easy to use developer API to iterate through spoofed players that can be used to make spoofed players execute commands or type in chat
    • Skin caching
    • Asynchronous lookups
    As you can see it even hooks into placeholders like %bungee_online% does any one have an idea on how they did this? How they registered a fake player as a real player?
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  2. This is an image of the spoofplugin I was talking about (From their resource page.
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  3. Hmm still can’t figure out how they did it. How would I add people to /glist for example?
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  4. I am the creator of this plugin. If you want to talk about it PM me instead of asking others to spoon feed you the code. The link he posted above is a good start but you should learn how to code before trying to copy plugins.
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