BungeeCord and RAM

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  1. Hello. I'd like to make a bungeecord with 1 server. My server need 2gbs to hold there 10 players. Will bungeecord increase the amount of RAM used?
  2. BungeeCord with a single server behind it doesn't make much sense, unless you're using BungeeCord for DDoS protection.
    Regardless, BungeeCord itself only needs 512MB-1GB RAM. It won't cause any increase in RAM on the servers behind it.
  3. Why run bloat when you can just run 1 single server - .. i don't get it why ppl do this.

    Stop using bungee, focus on running 1 server in online mode, and you are done .. you can now play minecraft
  4. Don't use bungee cord, but in spigot folder, in server.proprieties file, set port=25565 and online-mode=true. if you won't set online-mode=true, you can use AuthMe.
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  5. Don’t bump an 10 day old thread.
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  6. Bungeecord - separate proxy server, ram almost does not use