Bungeecord and spigot help things pls

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  1. So lets get straight to the point because tbh i dont really know how this forums works but i just need help

    I am making a bungeecord server but you need to set all the servers to offline mode except the bungeecord server which you need to set to online mode. BUT now players can just directly connect to the other servers, like *ipadres*:25566 and they are then able to connect to the servers with a cracked account.

    I dont want this but i dont know how to force players to connect through the bungee server.
    ive tried some plugins that make you require to connect to the proxy or whatever that is
    but its about the '':25566" part so it doesnt work.

    because when i try such a only join through the proxy thing people can just connect to the right ipadres but with the :25566 so the problem is still not solved :/

    pls help how do i fix this?
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  3. Try using OnlyProxyJoin.
  4. okay so the thing is now that when i try such plugins i cant see if it works because now i get a message "If you wish to use ipforwarding, please enable it in your bungeecord config as well!" but its already enabled there. Pls help! How do i fix this tell me......