BungeeCord autostart?

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  1. Hello

    after i was tired from Multiworld i switched to BungeeCord, pretty good, i thougt.
    Now i saw my vServer restarts automatic every Day at 0:00 so on the next day my Server(s) are unreachable

    so i tried to make a Startup script so start all my Servers and BungeeCord in this order:


    also i made a Script:

    Code (Text):
    /root/bungee/bungee.sh &
    sleep 3
    /root/lobby/start.sh &
    sleep 2
    /root/city/start.sh &
    then chmod 775 and then run.

    BUT when i run it, my RAM is full and the Terminal spams with > Symbol

    like this:

    and so on..

    Can you help me?

    (Sry for bad Grammar)