BungeeCord Bad Packet ID

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  1. Hello, I keep getting a error on my minecraft server.

    It says bad packet id <id number> and it's random.
    At times I can join, but it occurs again.

    I kept switching builds of Spigot and Bungee, but now, it does "Logging in..." for 2-3 mins and then says ReadTimeException: Null

    Please help if you can,
    thank you very much.
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  2. md_5

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    Please use the latest version of bungee + spigot
  3. md_5

    I am using Bungee #429 and I am using Spigot #829 which just uploaded 35 mins ago.
    It keeps doing bad packet.

    Once, it also did could not connect to default server.. My point is, I cannot log in at all, it always comes up with errors.
  4. md_5

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    Spigot is up to 869. You havent provided any console samples, and I cannot trust your bug reports since I dont know if you have had bungee in the past.
  5. md_5

    I'm sorry for not providing you the proof, but here, I have it now.

    Code (Text):
    229 recipes
    27 achievements
    10:47:14 [INFO] Starting minecraft server version 1.5.2
    10:47:14 [INFO] Loading properties
    10:47:14 [INFO] This server is running CraftBukkit version git-Spigot-869 (MC: 1
    .5.2) (Implementing API version 1.5.2-R0.2-SNAPSHOT)
    10:47:15 [INFO] [GlobalBank2] Loading GlobalBank2 v1.1.3
    10:47:15 [INFO] [GroupManager] Loading GroupManager v2.0 (Dev2.9.702) (Phoenix)
    10:47:15 [INFO] [WorldEdit] Loading WorldEdit v5.5.6
    10:47:15 [INFO] [HeadGrabber] Loading HeadGrabber v1.5.1
    10:47:15 [INFO] [BukkitMeme] Loading BukkitMeme v1.0
    10:47:15 [INFO] [SpamHammer] Loading SpamHammer v3.0.0.9
    10:47:15 [INFO] [HealthBar] Loading HealthBar v1.5.5
    10:47:15 [INFO] [Multiverse-Core] Loading Multiverse-Core v2.4-b527
    10:47:15 [INFO] [TopPVP] Loading TopPVP v0.9
    10:47:15 [INFO] [AutoAnnouncer] Loading AutoAnnouncer v1.7-03.23
    10:47:15 [INFO] [RemoteToolkitPlugin] Loading RemoteToolkitPlugin v0.61
    10:47:15 [INFO] [Essentials] Loading Essentials v2.10.1
    10:47:15 [INFO] [ShowCaseStandalone] Loading ShowCaseStandalone v506
    10:47:15 [INFO] [EssentialsSpawn] Loading EssentialsSpawn v2.10.1
    10:47:15 [INFO] [Multiverse-Portals] Loading Multiverse-Portals v2.4-b548
    10:47:15 [INFO] [EssentialsChat] Loading EssentialsChat v2.10.1
    10:47:15 [INFO] Default game type: SURVIVAL
    10:47:15 [INFO] Generating keypair
    10:47:15 [INFO] Starting Minecraft server on *:25566
    10:47:15 [INFO] Starting listener #0 on *:25566
    10:47:16 [INFO] Using Netty NIO with 3 threads for network connections.
    10:47:18 [WARNING] The server will make no attempt to authenticate usernames. Be
    10:47:18 [WARNING] While this makes the game possible to play without internet a
    ccess, it also opens up the ability for hackers to connect with any username the
    y choose.
    10:47:18 [WARNING] To change this, set "online-mode" to "true" in the server.pro
    perties file.
    10:47:18 [INFO] Preparing level "lobby"
    10:47:18 [INFO] -------------- Spigot ----------------
    10:47:18 [INFO] -------- World Settings For [lobby] --------
    And here's the Bungee Console

    Code (Text):

    C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Server\BungeeCord>java -Xss192k -Xmx1G -jar bunge
    10:56:30 [INFO] Enabled BungeeCord version git-BungeeCord-Proxy-1.5-SNAPSHOT-"8a
    10:56:31 [INFO] Listening on /
    10:56:33 [INFO] [/] <-> InitialHandler has connected
    10:56:35 [INFO] [iAutomatic] <-> InitialHandler has disconnected
    10:56:35 [INFO] [/] <-> InitialHandler has connected
    10:56:35 [INFO] [/] <-> InitialHandler has disconnected
    10:56:36 [INFO] [/] <-> InitialHandler has connected
    10:56:37 [INFO] [iAutomatic] <-> InitialHandler has disconnected
    10:56:38 [INFO] [/] <-> InitialHandler has connected
    10:56:38 [INFO] [/] <-> InitialHandler has disconnected
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  6. lel windows
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  7. What I think people are doing with all these recent reports is their upgrading Bungee but Not spigot. I tried that the other day to get a plugin to work(upgrading bungee only) but had to go back until I can properly test the new spigot with my setup.
  8. Well, I have updated both Bungee and Spigot. I have no idea why it keeps doing this. I have searched all over.
  9. PhanaticD


    what bungee plugins are you using
  10. None at the moment
  11. Bump..

    Can anyone help?
  12. PhanaticD


    upgrade bungee and spigot to latest version should fix it
  13. I already have, I keep updating them but it keeps saying bad packet
  14. If you are running windows, thats your problem. Either switch to Linux, or disable Netty on Bungee and Spigot.
  15. Lolwut ? You're saying that this bug I've been screwing my mind to try to fix in my plugin is actually netty acting up ? Oh lord please tell me you're kidding...

    Besides, it's not possible to disable netty in bungee.
  16. YoFuzzy3


    Players on my server get this error very occasionally as well. But I'd like to say that it was also happening 'back in the days' on both CraftBukkit and Nettyless Spigot.
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  17. PhanaticD


    bungeecord 429 and spigot 869 is when they downgraded to a older version of netty, I have been using that and not seen one bad packet error
  18. externo6


    I get is on the newer Bungee Builds that upgraded to the new Netty version, downgrading to an older one without the newer Netty solves the problem.

    *I always use the most uptodate Spigot when updating bungee so thats not the issue
  19. externo6


    Erm? What are you on about? Do you even know what a packet is? Plus this was fixed weeks ago.
  20. I don't use bungee and with the latest build of spigot i get bad packet id and with builds before