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  1. This might be in the wrong category, move it if it is. But I'll explain anyway.

    I would like to have a plugin for BungeeCord, allowing me to ban other users, mute other users, and etc. I would also like it to have a built-in web feature which allows me to check the ban history from a website. There may already be a plugin for this. Thanks, bye!
  2. Is there a free one? I just bought a payed plugin, and I can't afford another.
  3. AdvancedBan works fine for me. It doesn't have it's own web panel, but one can be made fairly easily for it.
  4. Firewolf, is that in php, html or what? I may use it if it can be made that easily.
  5. You can save ban information in a mysql database, and can use php, html, and css to create an interface for it.
  6. I'm not very good with MySQL databases, is there an alternative way?
  7. I don't think so. If I were you I'd start learning MySQL because it's really useful when you want to code plugins.
  8. All web interfaces will require MySQL setup, none will read data from a flatfile.
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  9. Alright. Well I'll try to learn it as I get MySQL with my web hosting plan (and the web hosting plan is free, because it comes with the servers)
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  10. You best option is to use Litebans.
  11. I'll try to get it, but is there any free alternative I could use aswell? I may not be able to buy LiteBans.

    Also I successfully connected to a MySQL Database I own from my computer, so I'm confident I could link it to any basic MySQL stuff.

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