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  1. Hi,

    Let me start off with what I inted on doing.

    Recently we decided to turn "Server B" into a minigames server with a hub system and a proxy just like "Server A" and with this we intend on letting both playercounts accumulate.

    This would be possible if we add all the servers in "Server A" to the servers list in the Bungeecord config of "Server B" and vice versa. However we do not want players to cross servers from A to B with the /server command.

    Of course we could fully disable the /server command on both A and B, but this would force players to use the portals we set up. Not too bad, but it would still hold up traffic and slow down the traveling between servers.

    So what I want to request is the ability to add "server A1"(Server A sub server) to the Bungeecord blocked commands list in order to block players in server B traveling to server A1 in server A.
    And with this still showing both the players in Server A and server B accumulated on the server list.

    So instead of 700 players on Server A and 950 players on server B it would show 1650 players on both A and B (assuming I add all sub servers of the servers to both Bungeecord proxy configs).

    I hope I managed to explain what I wanted to explain without confusing you too much.

    Thanks for reading this and I hope to hear from you/someone soon!

  2. Can someone take a look at this please? :eek:
  3. Im on it.

    Hoping this fits your request.
    NoServer.jar (DropBox download)
    I lied. That just blocks the /server command in total. What is the name of "Server a" and "Server b"? I will make a new command instead.

    Just curious, whats your server? I might come check it out sometime.
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  4. Why not make the commands configurable?

    like: hidden servers:

    and he owners sky-sg.com
  5. Eh, was trying to avoid it. But sure why not.
  6. Well its better because
    1. If he wants to add more servers or change the names, he doesn't have to ask.
    2. Others can use it
  7. Yeah true. Almost have it..... I think....

    But it is bed time. I will look again tomorrow.
  8. Woohoo!

    Yeah Malo, that's pretty much what I was hoping for :)

    Hcherndon, thank you for your time, reply and effort!
  9. Hey Hcherndon,

    I was wondering whether there was already any progress on this matter? :)
  10. Sorry been picking up a few extra projects here and there, I think I can have it done here today! :3
  11. Thanks for your quick reply Hcherndon and that's wonderful to hear! :eek:
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