Bungeecord Broadcast Method

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  1. Hello,

    I'm thinking about making a Auto Broadcaster for all of my servers (On my bungee network) I don't really have too much experience with the bungee API I have made one Bungee plugin but with lots of help from my friend, anyway this is my question:

    Is there a method similar the Bukkit.broadcastMessage in the bungee api?
  2. Yes sir.

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  4. 4chan


    For broadcasts on my network, I simply use Bungee messaging.

    My network uses absolutely no custom bungeecode (get it?!?!?!) anymore. All data is proxied to servers as needed.

    You could try this.
  5. That's a waste of time for this person's goal. Creating a Bungee plugin to handle announcing messages would be much simpler, and in this case the better option.
  6. 4chan


    i was just sayin how i duz do it
    but i leik giving bungee as lil ram as i can k