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  1. Hey,
    I am wanting to have a coloured MOTD for my BungeeCord server. After putting a colour coded MOTD into the BungeeCord config.yml, I restarted my server ans was given an error. I have tried using &.. and \u00A7.. for my colour codes, but It still doesn't work. Can anyone please help me out? Thanks.
  2. '&aGreen MOTD &4with a hint of red and &1blue'
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  3. joehot200


    Note however that because i did it before you all colour MOTDs are copyright by me and you must pay me £2538 to be able to have a coloured MOTD, Or else i can sue you.

    p.s. thats a joke, obviously ;D
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  4. If you had read this properly, I said:
  5. You need these ' and ' at the beginning and at the end of your MOTD!
  6. If you read it properly you would have noticed the -> ' <- :p
  7. I believe you must use this symbol §

    §1 - Blue
    §2 - Green
    §3 - Cyan (I think)
    §4 - Red

    At least that's how you do it in Bukkit Servers
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  8. Lax was correct. It is different on Bungee.
  9. joehot200


    Oh so THATS how i do it on bukkit!
    Not that it matters any more.
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  10. I see, my mistake.
  11. Thanks, I had seen this before when looking at someone's bungee config, I knew that I could use that but I couldn't type it or find it on the net :/
    But yes, it worked, thank you very much :)
  12. No problem :D