Bungeecord CommandSync/Other Plugin Help!

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  1. Hello! I am trying to set up CommandSync for my Bungeecord server and can't figure out how to do it. So what I have is this:

    1. Survival
    2. Hub
    3. Factions
    4. Skyblock
    5. Bungeecord
    And from what I've found, you're meant to put the CommandSync Client into the survival, hub, factions and skyblock server plugins folder. and the CommandSync Server into the Bungecord server plugin folder. The configuration was confusing. So starting with the Bungeecord configuration, there is this:


    What is the ip? Is it the Bungeecord server ip? If not, what is it?
    Is the port the Bungeecord one or a different port?
    Heartbeat and debug is fine.
    And the password can be anything am I correct?

    Next, I want to know how to do the other servers. So their configuration is this:


    Let's say this was for the hub server.
    Would I put the hub server ip here? Or the Bungeecord server ip here?
    Same with the port.
    For the name, I'm guessing I can put it as "Hub".
    And for the password, do I put the password I put in on Bungeecord?

    Also, if you guys have any other plugins that would work like this (be able to run commands on any of my servers but only be on one server) please reply!
    I really need help with this! Thanks guys!
  2. Tux


    ExecuteEverywhere will be less problematic to set up
  3. But that needs a Redis server, which is not easy to set up. Is there one that doesn't require a Redis server?
  4. Tux


    If you're running Debian 7+ or Ubuntu >= 12.04 and all your servers are on the same machine, just run apt-get install redis-server and you're done.
  5. Oh... I am using a host, so this won't work for me. Is there any other way to do it?
  6. Tux


    Ah yes, the dreads of shared hosting.

    You could use a shared Redis host or run Redis on a cheap VPS. I wouldn't recommend CommandSync: the project is long inactive and it has serious bugs.
  7. CommandSync does have a lot of bugs...
    And what is a shared Redis host? And is it free?