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  1. You're either trying to start spigot on the same port as bungee or you have a probably crashed spigot or bungee instance still running on that port for some reason.
  2. Need a bit of help with the config, just trying to disable the plugins command and have this in the config.yml

    - plugins

    but does not seem to work, might be me as I'm OP on the world, and an admin on the Bungee instance?

    Help would be great, thanks!
  3. 1 year old thread...

    Bungeecord admins can still run the disabled commands.
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  4. Thanks for your help Seliba, yes a one year old thred, but is this not the place for Bungee configuration discussions?

    As it turns out I logged into the server with another accout (not OP) and could still run the command, back to the drawing board (being the config file and possibly the spigot.yml of the server?)

  5. I'm almost sure that in the config.yml of bungeecord "disabled_commands" only blocks commands that are from bungeecord plugins and not from spigot
  6. I see, thats where I may be going wrong then!

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