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  1. Hello, everyone! I transferred over to a new dedi awhile back and noticed that my Bungeecord server started spamming this a lot in console:

    [Server] INFO Command not found

    I didn't really bother with it much, however, it's a pain to try to get Bungeecord to restart (it usually crashes after a few minutes) and it's not grabbing player information, so it spams the newcomer message every time on join (using this plugin: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/bungeejoinmessages.9323/). Any suggestions on what it could be? Could I have configured something badly?

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  2. Sounds like a plugin trying to execute a command over and over that doesn't exist.
  3. But do you have an idea of what command it could be based on the information I gave? I can also add all the current plugins my Bungeecord has.
  4. Are you using Multicraft?
    Then it's the command 'list' that is being executed by MultiCraft.
  5. Well.. I removed the command from the list, and the not found message keeps getting spammed :c Unless it's still being executed somewhere?
  6. I am asking, are you using Multicraft?
  7. Try removing MultiCraft from BungeeCord for a little bit to see if it is MultiCraft, then you can narrow it down.
  8. Dude; Multicraft is not a plugin; it's a server managing system.
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  9. Sorry, but try to disable it and then you can try to narrow it down to MultiCraft.
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  10. It isn't something you can just disable...
  11. Oh, sorry. Yes, I am using Multicraft.
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