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  1. Since 1.9.2 bungeecord support was released, my bungeecord server is getting 100% CPU usage several times during the day. No DDoS attack or bots is detected, no error in log is appeared.

    In htop (linux debian) there is like 8-10 instances of bungeecord using 100% CPU, so 600% overall.
    Server cannot be stoped regularly from bungeecord console, because it's not responding. I have to kill the process with SIGKILL flag.

    Screen: http://www.michalvanek.net/s/20160515181729.png

    Using latest bungeecord build 1155.
    Server has around 40 players online, bungeecord instance has allocated 1GB of RAM.

    HW specification:
    Code (Text):
    Intel Xeon E3-1230 (4 cores, 8 threads)
    RAM 32GB
    HDD 1TB
    Bungeecord plugins:
    Code (Text):
    BungeeTabListPlus, SkinsRestorer, CommandControl, ServerListPlus
    Graph of system load during the overload (10:25 to 10:35):

    Graph of system load in a day, there is several peaks (overloads):

    Any ideas or experiences of this issues? Thank's for answer.
    Reported this issue to github: https://github.com/SpigotMC/BungeeCord/issues/1869
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  2. 340 days :eek:

    Sorry had to.
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  3. Thank's for you unsubstantial comment, it's really helpful.
  4. Have you tried to reboot your BungeeCord?
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    Are you on the latest Build of BungeeTabListPlus? It's quite cpu intensive.
    Try running Bungee without XmX.
    If it doesn't help, get a VisualVM report as requested by Jamm14.
    There are plenty tutorials how to make one in the internet.