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  1. EDIT: I did read around a bit and I found about two posts saying to link the Bungee servers together per computer, I just want to know if there is a more simple way of doing this. I know Savage Realms did this for like a month!

    Right, time to make an ass of myself so, let's not dilly dally!

    Okay so about a day ago I tested Bungee with two servers, one on my main desktop and one on my old crap-top (ZING...because its a bad compu-never mind) and everything worked just fine. Later I wanted to test some portal plugin and it worked just fine as well. But I want to get some kind of
    cross-server Bungee portals, here have this nice example I baked it this morning.

    Let's say a person named James joins a Minecraft server which is part of a four server network. But instead of joining a Bungee hub/lobby with portals, or command signs James joins the second server directly. Later when he wants to switch to one of the others he simply goes into a portal room and chooses a portal to connect to one of the other three servers. The other three servers have portals as well so James can connect back to the other servers via one of the three, with no hub/lobby.

    Now is this possible or am I just making a fool of myself ? I know I can get it working like this if I have Bungee on all four computers and have them default to the server being hosted on that computer but I was think that there has to be a more simple solution. But if not I think its time for a little ghetto-rigging!

    Thanks for reading this, here's a cookie! :)

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  2. If you're talking about separate servers with different IP addresses, you probably can't do what you want.
    If people connect via a domain name or all IP addresses point to the same machine, you can just set up BungeeCord on one machine and use the forced hosts setting.
  3. Hm, you're right i'm not to sure if there is any other way besides the "four Bungee four server" idea... But I shall keep thinking and/or testing!
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    Its possible, you just need one bungee.
    In the config, under forced_hosts, you will see an example, but it basically goes:
    your.server.domain: server

    In the example:
    pvp.md-5.net: pvp
    In this case anyone joining via pvp.md-5.net will go to the pvp server first.
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