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  1. Is it possible to add this dropdown? -> [​IMG]

    I would really like that. :D
  2. It is possible, but is there a link to the latest successful build for bungee that updates as they come?
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  4. I agree with this feature.
  5. md_5

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    I honestly have no idea how to do this, I can try once I fix some other styling issues......
  6. jeff142


    just edit the coding off the members button :D i like this idea.
  7. There is a jake bunce addon that allows you to add buttons in different positions, maybe in that.
  8. md_5

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    Oh I already have that, didn't realise it supported child links:
    "Enables nodes to have their own nav tabs. Supports tab selection, permissions, and child links."

    EDIT: Done
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