bungeecord error Could not connect to default server java.net.binexception

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Discussion' started by Trebbit, May 15, 2013.

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  1. Hello
    i am try to make a bungee system i have do all things right like ports, portforward but the server dont work with bungee if i connect to the server with it server ip(and port) than can i log in but if i try to login with bungee than ge ti this error i have search on google but i found only that ports are the same and that isn`t by me

    error: error Could not connect to default server, please try again later: java.net.binexception
    i hope you can help me

    i am a dutch boy and i hope you can read my english

    greats, trebbit
  2. Make sure you are not running them both on port 25565, BungeeCord gets the port 25565, other servers get different. Make sure the server is running. Make sure offline-mode is set to false. BungeeCord handles the authentication.
  3. md_5

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    Update bungee, you used a broken version
  4. Oke thanx its works now i tought that i had the new version but now it works
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  5. now every thing is works and i want tot install plugins like bungeesuitportals get i this error:could not loud plugin from files plugin:............................. can`t construct a java object for tag ​
    i have already install bungeesuite with a database that works but when i paste another plugin in the map get i that error with all plugins​
    please help​
  6. CustomForms

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    Have you been updating those plugins?
  7. from this page:http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/bungeesuiteportals.67/ and than the button right corner or is that the wrong one. but i have all plugins download on this way is there another thing that can be wrong
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  8. CustomForms

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    You are placing it on your bukkit servers correct?
  9. must i paste it in bukkit server?? because on the page stays that i must paste it in te bungee plugin folder
  10. CustomForms

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    1. Drop the BungeeSuitePortals.jar into your servers plugins folder.
    No where does it say to place it into your bungee plugins folder. So yes, place it into your server plugins folder. That should fix your problem.
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  11. Hey you helpMe i get this same error But when i change to a diffrent Build it still gives me the same errors
    But in the server consol it says there is no errors Please help me
  12. Hey you.

    1) Pastebin.

    2) md_5 has a name. It isn't "you".

    3) Don't triple post.

    4) It tells you how to fix it. RIGHT THERE.

    5) md_5 already told you, you are using a broken version.
  13. CustomForms

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    As @hcherndos said, "your answer is right there."
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