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  1. Hello everyone,
    Firstly, sorry for bad english, I'm from Lithuania.
    My players always complain, what they get sometimes kick with this error: Internal exception: java.io.IOException: Bad compressed data format

    What means this error? Please tell me how to fix it :)
    Thanks for advance!
  2. I want to add, what this error players get, when type /spawn or same teleport command.
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    All server on the same machine/physical server?
    Any console errors related to this kick message?
  4. All servers is running on the difrent servers. Only lobby+ARCADE running in the one VPS.
    Console log: [Elliottpop] <-> DownstreamBridge <-> [pvp] has disconnected
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    Try getting a dedi and just plopping them all on one server? :p

    Honestly no idea why this happens, ill tag md_5 as he did develop it after all :)
  6. Nooo, I can not afford :D
    I noticed, that this error players get when joining to the server with Portal (BungeeSuit) and typing the command: /spawn in the servers.
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    What? its only £40/month with OVH :3

    Sry. ill stop posting. Cant help, and am going offtopic.
  8. In the Lithuania prices is another...
  9. Hello there! As far as I know people were complaining about this, one of the ways to fix it is to update your Java version if you have a dedicated server. I personally use Server JRE which is better than the JDK.
    And can provide us some more information about your server (if it's shared hosting, Spigot/Bungeecord version)..
  10. Yes, ofc.
    I noticed, that this error get only in the PVP server.
    I'm using the 4 VPS servers.
    BungeeCord version:
    PVP server settings:
    JAVA version:
    Linux Debian 6, 64 bit, 16 GB RAM, 2Ghz*6

    And what i need to show for you more?
  11. Hello! You have outdated version of Bungeecord, latest is: #647. Your Spigot is also outdated, latest build is: #1095.
    I would recommend you update those and re-generate your bukkit.yml and spigot.yml config files to get latest changes.
    You can always try to update your Java to latest version (Update 25) or even get the Server JRE, which should be even more stable for the server.
    If you need further help then feel free to ask.
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  12. Thank you, now I try to change all that you say, and tell here.
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  13. I'm tried to do all this instructions, and it doesn't helped me :(
  14. Hello there! Can you provide us your plugin list and settings inside of Bukkit.yml and Spigot.yml?
  15. Maybe I need to disable firewall?
  16. Plugins (47): WorldBorder, WorldEdit, OneMoreAPI, Informator, mcore, Vault, PermissionsEx, CombatTag, WorldGuard, PvPTimer, AutoMessage, HeroicDeath, MagicSpells, iConomy, EnderPearlCoolDown, GPCreeperCatch, CommandsGuard, GodPlayRPG, ChestShop, BanManager, ClearLag, ProtocolLib, FalseBookCore, mcMMO, ChestFix, ButtonWarp, Essentials, SimpleRegionMarket, Orebfuscator, EssentialsProtect, SafeCommandBlock, EssentialsSpawn, FalseBookBlock, Sneaky, EssentialsAntiBuild, AuthMe, DisguiseCraft, CompatNoCheatPlus, EssentialsChat, Factions, MobDisguisePVPControl, NoCheatPlus, FactionsProtection, ecoCreature, ObsidianDestroyer, FactionMobs, FactionChat.

    Sorry for running offline mode server, it is because, that in Lithuania more players can't buy premium account. I have premium, nick is - Elliottpop.
  17. I cannot confirm this information but ProtocolLib's older versions may cause the error (I will correct this if i'm wrong).
    I would recommend you to update all your plugins and re-generate all config files, this method always help me if somehow my server start crashing or dropping TPS.
    Internal exception: java.io.IOException: Bad compressed data format is caused in most causes because of 32-bit Java version, i cannot say much more. You can tell us if the issue is still appearing after you updated all your plugins...
  18. I updated my all plugins, re-generated all configs. But It doesn't helped me... Now I need to stop using the BungeeCord :( Please, Developers fix this erros. I think BungeeCord for using diffrent machines have more errors. And I see more using one DS for all servers and doesn't have a problems...
  19. I'm sorry but i'm out of ideas. We can bring md_5 into this conversation for further help.
  20. Thank you, that you try to help me. Let's waiting the md_5 :)