BungeeCord Error!

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  1. So I just recently felt like expanding my server and adding more gamemodes... so i installed bungeecord and watched the tutorial by Koz4Christ, my server is cracked... Every time I try to log into the server I get an error saying "If you wish to use IP Fowarding, please enable it in your BungeeCord config as well!" I have IP forwarding set to true, and bungeecord set to true on spigot.yml... somebody please help!

    Here's my pastebins:



    config.yml (BungeeCord):

    Recent Action I have taken:
    set bungeecord to false and it worked but disabled bungeecord
    messed with the online mode settings - nothing happened
    removed IPWhitelist

    Running on:
    Spigot #1649 Build

    Image of the Error:

    Attached Files: