Bungeecord + FTB + Spigot?

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  1. Alright, I have plans to have a Minecraft server with a mix of game modes, including Mini-games. I want all this to be on a normal Bugeecord/Spigot setup, but I also want to find a way to have a way to connect to an FTB server from lobby.

    Is there a way to have an FTB server connected to the hub in a way that allows both normal clients and FTB clients to connect to the hub and play on whichever server(s) they have the client for?
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  2. Well you could have a forge/FTB hub with forced host and have FTB/forge sub servers as well as spigot hub/sub servers
  3. Sounds simple enough. Thanks!
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    You will need one BungeeCord, one 1.7.10 protocolhack server, your ftb server and if you are running 1.9 minigames, a 1.9 server.

    Set the 1.7.10 as the lobby server and you are fine. You might need an edited version of the protocolhack. Just use google to find a version.