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  1. It's possible to have a GUI for Bungee correct? There's evidence doing this from BungeeUTILITIES and all of that. I just have absolutely no idea how do this. I do not code at all. I have a dev who is wondering how he is suppose to have a gui that connects through the proxy to all the servers without downloading the plugin to each of the servers. Only installing it to the bungee server
  2. Not sure if this is what you want but you could set some data up in MySQL and make the bungee cord server listen for that data and then do a bungee cord command. Else I can't really see how :(
  3. It’s not possible to use GUI on bungeecord. Bungeecord is only a proxy, you need spigot to have server instance to open GUI for example.
    So you need to put Bungeecord and Spigot plugin unfortunately :(
  4. Hello,
    This is possible and we use it.

    How can you do it?
    1. You need to listen to packets for Bungeecord. (OutOpenWindow, InCloseWindow, OutCloseWindow, OutWindowItems and others)
    2. Later, you need the ItemStack and Inventory system, you can look at the Spigot codes for this.
    3. With this, you can easily send packets to the player.
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