BungeeCord Guide [2.0!] [Installation] [FAQ]

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  1. Most of this is over a year old by now, so some parts may work, but more will be better documented in the wiki.
    - CraftThatBlock

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  2. This is great.
    Going onto a dedicated server soon, with very little Linux experience, so this will be very helpfull.

    Thank you!
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  3. Thanks a lot! Anything you want to be added?
  4. How about a custom script for starting both Bungeecord and the Minecraft server(s), and how to make them run on server startup / restart when crashing?

    As I said I am not much into Linux atm, so I'm not entirely sure if something like this could be created easily... :)
  5. No ned for a script. Just make a new screen ("screen") and Run the server their. You can join that screen anytime using "screen -ls" and checking the number that wasnt their before. Then "screen -r <ID"
  6. Oh right, cool.
    And once loaded through "screen" it would load automatically on boot?
  7. Screen mini-guide:
    "screen" Make new screen
    "screen -ls" list screen with their ID
    "screen -r <ID>" go to screen <ID>
    CTRL + A + D exits a screen (Doesnt quit. To quit, close bungee or anyother running process and say "exit")
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    I find it easier to have it start the screen in the script itself. ;)
  9. A screen is a way to have multiple "server". Like: 1 Bungee and 3 Minecraft Servers
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    ..... :rolleyes:

    Code (Text):
    screen -S skyblock java -Xms10G -Xmx10G -jar spigot.jar nogui --log-append=false --log-count=3 o=false
  11. Oh like this. Yes you can also do this. But reentering the screen and closing it is a bit of a pain sometimes.
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    Your way seems a little complicated when managing multiple screens.

    Code (Text):
    screen -S skyblock java -Xms10G -Xmx10G -jar spigot.jar nogui
    1. Start.sh
    2. Ctrl-a-d
    3. Screen -x NAME

    Now I don't have to do "screen -ls" remember the number and "screen -r ID".
    Mostly if you have to quickly come back to that screen after closing the ssh window.

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  13. If you use screen -S <ID> when making a screen ID is the ID. So I have bungee as a id.
    I just need to do screen -r bungee
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    Yes but your adding a step, no need to do "screen -s NAME" if its already in the start.sh

    Code (Text):
    screen -S bungee java -Xss192k -Xmx1G -jar BungeeCord.jar
    Anyways that was my input, no point going back and forth. It's a nice guide for new Bungeecord users. :)
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    Please don't post in this thread, it will be removed eventually - its CTBs scratch pad for the official HOWTO.
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  16. It is? :D
  17. Added new stuff, permissions of command, more to the FAQ, plugin installation. More
  18. Here you go CTB I made a few videos today.

    This might help others.
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  19. Cool, I *might* do one too.
  20. How would I get the plugin into a .jar format?