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  1. Hello! I have been recently really annoyed with BungeeCord. I now have 2 problems and I have posted about 1 of them but haven't got much of any help. I am hoping people will reply to this post and resolve both of my problems.

    My First Problem; (RESOLVED)
    I cannot do my MOTD (in config.yml) because my MOTD goes to second line. (I am trying to do spaces) such as;

    MOTD: ' MyServer '
    But this happens...

    MOTD: '
    MyServer '

    Anybody know how to fix this?

    My second problem is; (RESOLVED
    I cannot post my server icon. I have checked everything posted it in my BungeeCord & Hub server nothing works. I have named it server-icon.png and still nothing. It is a png file but still, nothing. Thank you for reading and please help me resolve this.
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  2. Post pictures of what you actually see alongside the config to help you better.
    Also post the Bungeecord full startup log.
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