BungeeCord installation help.

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  1. Hello, I would like some help installing (well, mostly configuring) BungeeCord. I am using GGServers which is a host which runs on Multicraft. BungeeCord isn't on the server mods list, they support it according to their site. And I've done everything that should have been done in the Installation process. I set the server mod to Default and the jar file (in case sensitive formation) BungeeCord.jar and I don't know why it doesn't want to start up. I've set the correct IP thing for my server on the config. Please may I have some help. I do remember my console mentioning to me about that pvp thingy not being defined. Please can I have some help asap.
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  2. How many Servers including Bungeecord Server?
  3. 4 (one being the actual Bungee Server and the rest being the lobby, factions and creative)
  4. First of all the PVP not being defined is a issue with your config.

    On forced hosts section there's
    Pvp md5 info, which just ignore that issue.

    If you need help setting up bungeecord PM me!
  5. I'm new to the spigot forums lol, can't pm due to anti spam. But what should I do with the pvp thing? And also, I copied something from my console.

    06.05 12:43:01 [Server] INFO Using standard Java JCE cipher. To enable the OpenSSL based native cipher, please make sure you are using 64 bit Ubuntu or Debian with libssl installed.
    06.05 12:43:01 [Server] INFO Could not load native library: /tmp/bungeecord-native-cipher917303767027519932.so: libcrypto.so.1.0.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    06.05 12:43:01 [Server] INFO Could not load native library: /tmp/bungeecord-native-cipher1395206570486753818.so: libcrypto.so.1.0.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
  6. Using latest bungee?
    And ok about PM, I'll help you more at 3 pm est because I'll
    Get home then.
  7. Yes, 1061 infact.
  8. Would you like me to set up your bungeecord?
  9. Hmm, I will think about it. This console is linked to 3 other servers lol. It's not that I don't trust you, it's just there's plenty of people who I cannot trust.
  10. Don't worry, currently I have access to.....
    5 dedicated servers (full access w/ Sudo)
    9 virtual private servers (VPS)

    all of which want me to keep access in case any thing happens.

    Others give me access only when needed as they think like I don't need it and such.
  11. However, you're on my good side. And therefore I may consider it
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  12. Ok! Btw when people do my services on my thread I do not require them to post I just require them to pm me.
    Also my competition is rating me 'funny' and one person who didn't buy from me rated me 'funny' as it was so cheap. Some kids these days.
  13. Okay, if you have Skype, add live:samuel.t.b_2 please. I will send you details. I've generated a temporary password (because I'm used to my main) and amazingly, the BungeeCord server was in its own panel anyways. Also, while you have access to it could you please sort my essentials.chat plugin out? It's not working and I've been trying to master it for literally a year.
  14. ok