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  1. One of our servers is using a dynamic IP and so whenever it changes bungee still tries to use the Old one. Is there any way do make it automatically update rather than restarting bungee?

    Thanks for you're time.
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  2. You could use NOIP. It basically allows you to create a sub-domain and point it to an ip but they also have an application that syncs the sub-domain with dynamic IP addresses. In your bungeecord config instead of using the IP address you can use the sub-domain.

    This video should help you (its for their old site but the steps should be similar).
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  3. Doesn't work. ._.
  4. EDIT: My apologies, read your first post wrong.
  5. If he binds one of his game servers to in the bungeecord config and they aren't on the same network it won't work.
  6. Ah, sorry, read his first post incorrectly.
  7. You might have to use the forced-hosts option.