Solved Bungeecord "ipforward" problem

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  1. Its hard to explain, so I shall use pictures and pastebins to tell the story:
    Have tried many different bungeecord versions.
    Bungeecord console seems fine:
    doesn't do anything when I try connect.
    here are my spigot and bungee configs (using spigot 1.11):

    and here is mc error (non Lan):

    and here is mc error (Lan):


    Earlier with a different bungee version it said some stuff about ip forwarding needs to be enabled in bungee config. thanks
  2. Make sure you've port forwarded.
  3. I have, even when I locally connect it does this as well
  4. electronicboy

    IRC Staff

    the first one is generally caused by firewall

    the latter is generally caused by horrible routers, and could be the cause of the first one, try rebooting the router and seeing if it works. try looking for a feature generally refered to as accelerated/fast nat and disabling it, DO NOT DISABLE NAT ITSELF!

    the ip forward is also a sign that you've either not configured bungeecord properly, or that you're connecting directly to the server itself. You generally want bungee to start on port 25565 and your servers to start on something else.
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  5. Could it cause issues if I use the bungeecord on a different port and a different server on 25565?
  6. thanks, switched the port to 25565 and it worked.

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