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Discussion in 'BungeeCord Help' started by superStardark99, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Hi,
    I have a network ( Hub 1.11, some servers 1.11.2, others 1.12.2 and Vanilla 1.13)
    I have installed the last build of BungeeCord 1.13 and i have this problem:
    If i log into the server with a <1.13 version i can play, write and do commands while if i join with 1.13.1 client I can't write or do commands ( in all my BungeeServers ).
    Any idea?
  2. Commands and chat works if I use sudo :/
  3. Phoenix616

    Resource Staff

    I recently had the same issue and solved it by using ViaVersion on the Bungeecord instead of my Minecraft servers. This isn't really an ideal fix but should work for now ;)

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