BungeeCord Java Problem

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  1. So i recently restored my Mac OS X computer. And when i put my server on my computer after i restored it. It said i need Java 7 or above and i have java 8!! I've tried updating, Everything Soo. I have no idea.

    This is what terminal said when i start bungeecord:

    Last login: Sun May 24 10:50:36 on console

    Joshs-MacBook:~ Josh$ /Users/Josh/Desktop/MineColor\ Network/BungeeCord/start_bungeecord_server.command ; exit;

    *** ERROR *** BungeeCord requires Java 7 or above to function! Please download and install it!

    You can check your Java version with the command: java -version


    [Process completed]
  2. You don't have the most upto date Java, it's just that simple. Remove any older versions you may have and reinstall your Java 8.
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  3. Not sure exactly how I did it, but it's something to do with OS X using it's own built-in version of Java 6.
  4. Tried to remove java. Succeeded, but the problem still exists