Bungeecord + javapipe causes java errors. PLEASE HELP

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  1. Hey good people!

    First, I appologize in advance for my what crappy english grammar/spelling :3

    We are having some serious issues the past few weeks. which makes us lose players...
    I'll try to explain:

    The past few weeks we were having java errors, People get these errors when they are in a place with lots of entities (mobs, items, paintings). When people get these errors they get disconnected from the server with the following message: 'java.net.SocketException: Software caused connection abort: recv failed'.

    We've been trying to fix this problem, but unfortunaly we failed. In the beginning we had no clue what causes these errors, After experimenting with ddos protection we came to the conclusion that these errors only occur when we have our ddos protection (javapipe) enabled.

    We disabled the ddos protection for 4 days and the errors were gone. For some reason people like to ddos us, so removing the ddos protection completely would just cause more problems in the end.

    We've been using javapipe for alsmost 7 months now. No issues or errors in the beginning, But when we switched to bungeecord these errors occured very often. It's like javapipe + bungeecord is just a messed up combination.

    We have 2 VPS running, both use windows server 2008. before bungeecord we had 4 servers running without bungeecord with no issues at all. So it's not that the system is overloaded or something like that...

    This is our ddos setup:
    DNS ---> DDos proxy ---> Real IP ---> Bungeecord

    We've been contacting JavaPipe and they say there are no errors on their side.. Maybe thats true,.. Maybe not... Maybe we are doing something wrong..?? I don't know


    Bungeecord without javapipe ddos migration: Works amazing no errors!
    Bungeecord with javapipe ddos migration: Errors errors everywhere.
    No Bungeecord + javapipe: No issues, only downside NO BUNGEECORD :(

    Does anyone else experience these errors when using ddos protection?
    Are we doing something wrong?
    Any suggestions on how we fix these moth***ckg erros?

    Thanks a lot :)

  2. PhanaticD


    you might want to talk to javapipe first rather than bungee people first they can mess with packet settings and such
  3. I already spoke to them like 100 times... :/ they tried improving things but nothing helped.. :(