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    Hello there,

    For some reason, my BungeeCord installation keeps freezing up. I've tried removing the configuration file, the plugins and rebooting the entire dedi, however nothing appears to be working... The thing is, it literally worked 5 minutes ago and nothing has changed in the config or plugin configs.

    Console Log: https://pastebin.com/FtMaZd9i
    Bungeecord config.yml: https://pastebin.com/0x3Exscn
    Plugins folder: https://www.thejavahacker.com/images/2018-07-17_17-06-56.png

    Any help is appreciated.
    Benjamin Andrews.
  2. TheJavaHacker


    I'm bumping this thread because I'm still having issues. I seriously have no idea what the fehk is broken. (Maybe @MrDienns if you could help me? :3)
  3. Since your Bungee seems to be given 2GB of RAM to work with, insufficient memory is already out of the question. Judging from the plugin list, the only thing that I can come up with that might be blocking/freezing the server somewhat during or short after startup is LiteBans not being able to connect to a MySQL database for example. Opening a connection from such plugin is open done on the main thread during startup, which is fine. However, if the MySQL server is down, extremely slow or simply not instantly rejecting the request, the server could be caused to freeze.

    While it's an extremely rough guess that may simply be way off, I'd start by checking the availability of your MySQL server of LiteBans (assuming you're even using MySQL).
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    I've been using the MySQL for a lot of my projects, however none of them have been showing that the server is refusing connections, which is peculiar. I'll have a look and determine which plugin it is (I'm going to guess PartyAndFriendsBungeeCord as before this happened, it was spewing shit at me).