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  1. This may not be posted in the right place, I'm new here so yeah :3

    I do not need any plugins coded, I need premade BungeeCord MiniGame plugins.

    If you have any MiniGame plugins, that support BungeeCord please comment the link below!

    Thanks :D
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  2. WTF, like why does the minigame need to integrate with Bungeecord anyways? You have 912 lobbys?

    First of all, I am pretty cold right now (I have yet to pay my heating bill and I'm in Canada):p
    Second of all, It's called a joke:D so chill:), learn the forums... There's a "funny" button under reply ;)
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  3. First off, chill out a bit. I'm working on a MiniGames network, and I need plugins that support BungeeCord.
  4. Check out the spigot resources section. I personally have three, all of which can be found down below in my signature.
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  5. BungeeCord Support?
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  6. What do you mean by "BungeeCord Support"? My plugins are intended to be used with bungee cord, if that is what you mean.
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  7. pretty sure he means like u can create a sign that says tntwars lobby 0/16 idk though
  8. Thats what I meant :3
  9. joehot200


    In that case, there are no publicly released minigames that have got BungeeCord support at this moment in time.
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  10. JamesJ


    Dis tread doe.
    So much intelligence...
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  11. Alright, so whats wrong with you? So what if I post stuff like this? I'm wondering if there are minigame plugins that support BungeeCord?

    Was this a joke your telling me I have no intelligence? You can not even spell correctly, nor use correct grammar.
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  12. Enjoy having crappy signs, a modified hive mc spawn and UNDER 9 THOUSAND profit.
    Just bro, get a dev or edit premade plugins and add your own sign code, oh and there is nothing wrong with @JamesJ 's l33t mega awesome spelling
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  13. Ok? We already have a custom lobby built, and a custom plugin made. So this thread is deleted.
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  14. JamesJ


    Do explain how I cannot spell, nor can use grammar?
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  15. "Dis Thread Doe"
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  16. JamesJ


    Its called a joke, and you really think I spell like that?
    Oh my..
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  17. I think what you are looking for is MinigamesLib, it has a lobby server plugin that bridges you to all the mini games with either signs or commands. You just put the MinigameLibBungee plugin on the lobby server and MinigameLib on the mission server. Its made by InstanceLabs and so far he has made like 16 mini games to use with it (separate downloads). You can of course make your own mini games with the lib using his super easy to follow JavaDocs.

    Everyone else here who previously answered this guys question with "So much intelligence..." please can you be a little more noob friendly? Not everyone on the spigot forums knows how to code, if you say 'Oh you can make a sign plugin in a few lines pff just do it yourself' and that person has no prior experience with plugin making, your not only patronising them but throwing them into the deep end and neglecting helping them out. If you don't have an answer for someones question, either don't answer or help him find an answer.
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  18. P.S. Your right this is the wrong place to put this, this sorta thing belongs in Spigot Plugin Help.
  19. Hi this thread seems to be a little old if I should say so myself.