Bungeecord MOTD?

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  1. Is there a plugin for this, or can I use PI3X's MOTD plugin to make the bungeecord server have its motd? Do I need a bungeemotd plugin and if so which one do you recommend? By the way i have never used bungeecord before so if the answer is obvious im sorry but its not obvious to me XD.
  2. I would recommend ServerListPlus. Download the plugin, drop it into your BungeeCord plugins folder (NOT your other servers), restart, edit the config then do /slp save then /slp enable. This should then allow you to have advanced customized MOTD's for you bungee server. Note you do not need ProtocolLib on bungee
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  3. fantastic plugin is ServerListPlus
  4. What exactly do you want to do? :)
    The MOTD shown in the serverlists of the client can be set in the bungeecord–config or it can be done by a plugin like SwiftMOTD or AnimatedMOTD if you want 'Animations'.
    Or are your looking for something your players can see when they already joined the game?
  5. Animations are dis continued to minecraft as mojang patched the security bug.
  6. Well, good to know. I never liked these animations thats why i have no idea if they are working or not. ;D
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  7. You can't do animated MOTDs anymore unfortunately (at least on 1.8.4 and beyond) but a nice alternative is to add a custom MOTD in the server config :D
  8. Facepalm.
    What i said ?
    I said you cant, like 8 hours before you