Solved BungeeCord - Need Help Configing For Local Host

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  1. Hello People!

    I recently learned that my hosting wont do bungee unless i have at least 3 of their survices, so a thought cam to me, how does one do bungee on a local host, and make it work 100%. i have tried doing it on my local host, but i get confused on how to make it work. if anyone at all can help me with this, i would really appriciate it.

  2. Hey,
    Can you explain your problem in more detail? I can not help you with your question with this details.
  3. yes i can. when i make the bungeecord server on my local host, (my router/internet) i can join my bungeecord and all that, but no one else can, i dont know what i did wrong
  4. (You have to unlock the ports of your router first, before other players can join.)
  5. ok, so does that mean i have to open the bungee ports before others can join it?

    I am able to join it, but i dont know why my friends cant, am i doing something wrong?
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  6. /\

    Anyone? i am so confused
  7. You need to "port forward" so that other people can join your server, "port forwarding" opens your pc to the world bassicly.
    You can always contact your ISP for more help with that, or search it on youtube.
  8. yes, but how do i prot forward the bungee server?
  9. It's recommended to not 'home host' as a residential internet service won't cope with a minecraft server for several reasons.

    Also, for your question, you need to open the port that you assigned to your bungee server. (e.g. 25565). Also, make sure you give your friends your IPV4 address, not your local host one. (e.g.
  10. ok, ill give it a shot, thanks
  11. well, i have tried it, it doesnt work
  12. give us more details, so we can help you
  13. ok, the thing that is happening is that i set up my bungee server, i can join it but no one else can, i port forwarded it, set up everything thing right (i hope) and nothiong, i am stuck, i have tried everything that i can, and i dont know what to do.
  14. if needed, i can post all my configs, just let me know what ones we wanna see
  15. Yes do this, Post your bungeecord config and the spigot and bukkit config of each of the servers you are using.
  16. ok, ill separate each file

    Bungeecord Config -

    Hub server spigot and bukit configs

    Spigot.yml -

    bukkit.yml -


    Survival server spigot and bukit configs

    Spigot.yml -

    bukkit.yml -


    All the files have been transferred to pastebin. i can fix them with what you want me to try, just let me know what it is and ill do it. if there is anything else that i need to do too, let me know.
  17. Can you also post server properties? Also I would take out the port from line 40 in the bungeecord config I also see you still have the default as the forced host. Change that to your localhost ip also make sure all servers are set to offline mode.

    Sorry if this is wrong but I am not currently on pc to check my bungeecord localhost test server and I have been up for nearly 30 hours so I'm a little drowsy.