Bungeecord - New option (ping_passthrough)

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  1. Hello, i just noticed that there is a new option in the config file for Bungeecord
    ping_passthrough: false
    What exactly is that for?
  2. joehot200


    Yeah. Whats it for. It dosent say so in the wiki :|
  3. I don't know... Maybe it measures the ping between Bungee and the servers and adds the result to the regular ping result? Not sure, wouldn't make much sense.
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    If its turned to true it displays the playercount and motd of the backendserver if you use forced hosts.
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  6. if you set it to false all players that joined in bungeecord can be ping right ?
  7. That freaking necro post... This thread is two years old
  8. He has probably no life. If you find a thread that old...
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  9. ok sorry dont blame me too i just forget to put late reply :D